Mallorca, winter 1975. During the traditional winter pig slaughter, the grandmother tells her grandchildren the terrifying legend of María Enganxa.

A story that tells the life of a woman who lives in the wells and drags inside the daring children who dare to approach the void.

After listening to the macabre story, the children bet to see who dares to look into the well.

Marina and her sister Joana walk fearfully towards the center of the patio where the cistern is located. A noise comes from inside. His cousins run in terror. They were terrified and expected the worst.

Maria Enganxa appears.




Fear serves to generate control. Scared people can be controlled if you offer them protection.

Fear is one of those sensations that have been with us in life since we were born and will be with us until we die.

It’s that anguish we feel when something bad happens (or we think it will happen) and our body and our mind try to warn us of the tragedy that looms over us. “Get out of there”, our racing heart seems to say, or “don’t let your guard down”, scream our adrenaline in blood.

Few things can be so irrational and at the same time as logical as fear.

All people feel fear sooner or later and what usually makes a difference is the way you deal with it. From those creatures and dangers, that many times only inhabit our minds but would make us run like demons in order to feel safe, even insecurities that life is placing us behind our backs and they lead to real fears of things inevitable like failure, death or loneliness; those feelings are as human as joy, sadness or anger.

Especially curious is the case of horror movies. A genre of cinema that has been built around the idea that people like to be scare, grip her body with excruciating tension and then

break her roughly, releasing her into screaming and nervousness. 

Why do we spend our lives running from our fears but we enjoy a movie like ‘The Shining’? 

Horror movies are a kind of controlled simulation, allowing us to feel fear while we are safe from any evil or danger. That small dose grants us the rush of a good momentary scare that feels so good to awaken the mind and body.

Fear activates us and makes us think of all the things that are worthwhile in our life. Fear makes us feel alive.




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